Sleep Apnoea

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Sleep Apnoea

Snoring and its close association with obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) are not merely annoying benign problems. There is a strong correlation with these conditions, adverse cardiovascular problems, diabetes, motor vehicle and workplace accidents. Snoring and OSA are also indirectly associated with daytime sleepiness, mood issues and impact on your bed partner in a similar fashion.

Up until now, treatment options consisted of oral splints, CPAP machines (well proven and accepted technology with about 40% benefit), surgery and a few other treatments with questionable success. NightLase® is a simple, non-invasive, quick procedure producing significant improvements in both snoring and OSA. Most patients report significant improvement after a single treatment with a target in excess of 80% benefit over three treatments. The results are long lasting and provide benefits for between 18 and 36months with only small “top-up” treatments thereafter for ongoing benefits.

Surgery is invasive and also does not provide a total cure, however once tissue is surgically altered there is no reversing this. Laser treatments do not cause damage or tissue scaring therefore in the unlikely event of needing to consider surgical intervention at a later stage this option in not precluded.

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