Injectable Cosmetics

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Fotona4D ™ & TwinLight® Laser Facials

The very pinnacle of facial rejuvenation treatments. Flexible, versatile and customised to your exact requirements, these comfortable, safe options provide quick recovery “lunch-time” treatments that will astound. Leaves you with fresh, firm skin, reducing wrinkles and adding volume that persists as stimulated collagen continues to improve appearance for months to come. The versatility of the treatment modalities allows one to choose the intensity or effect desired ranging from the 2-dimensional TwinLight® to the multidimensional Fotona4D™

Fotona4D™’s four different laser modes are synergistically applied to provide a true 4 dimensional full thickness collagen remodeling eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. Subsequent tightening of flaccid skin and the final step, a light laser peel producing a fresh pearl finish leaving you looking and feeling both younger and more invigorated.

These rejuvenating treatments can likewise be applied all over the body providing a revitalised firm wrinkle free lift to your hands, neck décolletage or anywhere you desire.

Complement these treatments if you wish, with judiciously used injectable cosmetics and maintain your beautiful results with the stand-out Jan Marini Skin Care System. Inquire about the combination that best suits you at your complimentary consult.

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